Ramona school board approves pay cuts, more furloughs: Teachers, students protest decision

RAMONA - The Ramona Unified School District Board of Education approved pay cuts for its teachers Monday, ending 18 months of unsuccessful contract negotiations.

The cuts mean furlough days for the district's teachers amounting and an extra five days off for students in May.

Hundreds of people showed up at the school board meeting Monday night, many with signs protesting the cuts.

The board members voted 4-0 to implement a nearly 8 percent pay cut for the current school year and 9 percent cut for the next two years.

The cuts will come from salaries, added furlough days and teachers contributing more to benefits.

Teachers and students were furious with the school board's decision and spoke up during the Monday night meeting.

"To put in place for a three-year contract with no contingency language is a terrifying to teachers, that's disrespectful and totally wipes out any trust that anybody could possibly have," said one speaker.

Parents tell 10News they worry this will affect their children's education.

Mindi Christofferson, who has three children attending schools in Ramona adds , "I feel like we’re not going to attract the right kind of teachers anymore. They’re  going to start leaving. And we’re probably going to have to leave the district.”

 Juan Martinez, another parent adds, "I think they have to get to an agreement both parties and find out a better solution for both of them."

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