Ramona Man Says Bank Stopping Him From Getting New Home

A Ramona man told the 10News I-Team that a bank is destroying his dream to build a new home after a wildfire destroyed his old house.

Bob Champagne lost his home in the 2007 wildfires, but two years after his home was ruined he said Bank of America is hurting his chances to recover.

"I've banked there since I started my business back in the 60s … and to be treated this way, no," said Champagne.

At first, Champagne thought when Bank of America took over from his mortgage holder Countrywide, he figured his worries were over.

However, he discovered the situation would only get worse, and his temporary home -- a trailer -- is the only thing he may salvage from the deal.

Champagne's insurance did not come close to covering his losses from the fire, so his solution was to replace his conventional home with a manufactured home.

He thought it was all worked out, but he said the bank suddenly pulled the rug.

"She goes, 'Uh oh, someone made a mistake in the office.' And that was her response," said Champagne.

He said Bank of America representatives told him they were foreclosing on his home.

"They were assuming I had a house there. I did not have a house. They never come out and looked," said Champagne.

As the bank was foreclosing on his property and a house that did not exist, Champagne tried to get answers.

"The delay and the delay … I'd get no answers. They would not return calls," said Champagne.

He began taping hours of calls to Bank of America, many of them filled with a lot of apologies and promises. He informed all parties he talked to that he was recording the conversations for quality purposes.

In one conversation, a Bank of America representative said: "OK, you have a wonderful day, sir, and just keep following up with the short sale and with the foreclosure. My supervisor is already committed. You have a wonderful day, sir."

The bank is set to foreclose on October 5. Bank of America spokesman Rick Simon reiterated the fact that they have not foreclosed and the only reason they ever do is for three months of delinquent payments.