Ramona High School honors former player Ryan Morgan

Football team dedicates season to Morgan

RAMONA, Calif. - A school-wide pep rally was held at Ramona High School Friday as the football team prepared for a Division 3 Championship game with a former player on their minds and in their hearts.

Ryan Morgan, who graduated in 2010, was an outstanding athlete in two sports. He was a cadet at West Point when he was killed in a motorcycle accident while back home in Ramona last June.

"He was a super kid. He was a kid you'd want to know; you couldn't ask for a better person," said Wayne Channon at City Barber Shop.

It was for those reasons that the Ramona High football team dedicated its season to Morgan.

"He was a giant in my eyes when I was a freshman and he was a senior. He treated me as if I was a senior on the team," said Brawnson Walter, a player on this year's team.

Coach Damon Baldwin said the players took the dedication to heart.

"We asked them to play with his effort. Don't be Ryan, just play with his effort and we noticed kids getting better every week and giving that effort and that's where we are," he said.

Ramona High has an 8-4 record this year. Last year, they had only one win and 10 losses.

"Everyone in town is talking about this game," said Walter. "It's a crazy atmosphere around here."

The game between Ramona High School and Lincoln High School will be held at Escondido High School Saturday afternoon.


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