Rally Held To Show Support For Bullying Victim

Students From Bayview Terrace Elementary School Read Letter To Gavin Waller

An 11-year-old boy who was the victim of bullying at his school is getting a show of support from students at a different school.

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Students at Bayview Terrace Elementary School in Pacific Beach held a rally for Gavin Waller and his family Monday morning.

Gavin stood at the center of the auditorium while kids read letters to him.

"I am sorry you got bullied. I don't like bullies," said one child.

Another student said, "Dear Gavin, your story really touched my heart and I know how it feels because I've been bullied too. I hope you feel better."

Waller's parents told 10News their son has been the victim of bullying for years at Ada Harris School in Cardiff.

They contacted the San Diego County Sheriff's Department after their son's backpack was stolen and returned soaked with urine. An obscene note was also found inside.

"They interviewed the bully and of course he denied it and they said he seems like a nice enough kid. I don't know if they expected him to admit it," said Trina Waller.

According to the sheriff's department, deputies met with the parents of both boys and a resolution was reached, but details will not be discussed because the kids are juveniles.

School leaders told 10News the incident was under investigation.

Gavin said he is still getting picked on at school, but knowing other kids are on his side has helped.

"It made me feel really good that they actually care about me," said Gavin.

"I was really touched; it's heartbreaking that any kid goes through this. It's been really difficult for our family to speak up," said his mom.

Waller said they are considering moving out of Cardiff so Gavin can attend a new school.

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