Questions raised after Scripps Ranch High School flooded with absences on last day

SAN DIEGO - A Scripps Ranch mother says three teachers told her daughter and other students to call in sick on the last day of school.

Her daughter, who is a 12th grader, attends Scripps Ranch High School. The last day of school was Friday, June 13, but for many students, their last day was Thursday.

"I was surprised they were asking me to lie, to call them ahead of time and say my child is going to be sick on Friday," said one mother who asked not to be identified.

About 2,200 students attend the high school but on Friday, a source says no more than 200 to 300 showed up.

"[My daughter] said one teacher said Friday's a good day to get sick, another teacher said, have your parents call in Tuesday, Wednesday, the earlier the better so our lines don't get jammed on Friday," the mother said.

The school sent an email to parents in part stating, "The attendance office is experiencing a higher than normal volume of calls."

As of Friday night, a school spokesman could not say how many students were absent Friday and whether any teachers made those comments to students.

"I know my child is not lying to me," said the mother.

The school's website shows June 13 was the last day of class with a note indicating the schedule was revised.

A school employee also said seniors were excused Friday because they graduated Thursday night but all underclassmen were supposed to attend Friday.

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