Quarry blast sends boulder into home

SAN DIEGO - No one was hurt after a boulder -- which came from a rock quarry nearly a half-mile away -- struck a Tierrasanta home on Thursday.

Bianca Bushnull was inside her home in the 11400 block of Madera Rosa Way when the giant projectile hit her house.

"I thought we were having an earthquake or something like that, and then I heard like a big, big pop," Bushnull said. "It could kill people, and it's dirt. I mean, imagine if it was a rock... would any of this stuff still be here?"

10News learned the "earthquake" that Bushnull described was from a blast at a quarry on Mission Gorge Road.

The boulder, which was the size of a bowling ball, blasted through stucco, metal wiring and drywall after shattering the corner of a recycling bin.

Escondido-based Superior Ready Mix has explosions in the quarry all of the time. The company uses rocks to make concrete and asphalt, and they contract out.

10News learned Jones Services, out of Alpine, was the company that set off the blast. A company representative came to Bushnull's neighborhood to look for damage and also spoke to Bushnull after the incident.

"[He] said that he had been looking for damage … because he actually saw the rocks fly," said Bushnull.

No other homes or neighborhoods reported any damage from the launched rocks.

"I don't know; what if we would have been outside? I guess that's the biggest question. What if I would have been outside?" said Bushnull.

The company representative told Bushnull that the company would take care of repairs to the house.

10News spoke to the representative and asked how it happened and noted that people in the area were concerned.

However, the representative did not have any comment.

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