Puppy in critical condition after fire at Oak Park apartment

Family lost everything, needs help

SAN DIEGO - A family is fighting to save their puppy after a fire tore through their Oak Park apartment on Thursday.

"That's my baby, yes he is," said Donzella Satterfield as she spent time with her little 5-month-old puppy T-Rex, who is in critical condition.

"The dog is still alive, my sons and I are still alive," said Satterfield.

10News cameras were there as T-Rex received oxygen after firefighters rescued him from a burning apartment in Oak Park on Thursday.

Satterfield lived there with her four sons. Two were not home. She tried to save T-Rex, but he hid behind the couch, so she and sons had no choice but to get out.

"A couple of my neighbors came up the stairs, and they were telling me, 'Lady D, come on you can't be in here, Lady D,'" said Satterfield. "And I was telling them the dog is still in here, the dog is still in here, but I couldn't see anything."

T-Rex was inside for about 10 minutes before firefighters rescued the black and gray Yorkie-Terrier mix, who was hiding behind the couch. 

"When he came out, he was just limp and lethargic," said Satterfield.

T-Rex is hooked up to an IV in a special oxygen cage to help him breathe at Pet Emergency and Specialty Center in Chula Vista. Veterinarians say there is some neurologic dysfunction but they are hopeful because he is young. However, the bills are adding up.

"If he stays in the hospital a couple more days, the bills could add up to $8,000 or up to $10,000," said Dr. Nir Ben-ari.

Satterfield, who has no insurance, told 10News, "T-Rex needs a lot of help, and so does my family."

Members of the Anchor Church are helping.

"Any type of help that's coming in for the family can come in through the church," said church member Cindy Binno.

For now, the family is staying at a motel in National City, but that is only paid for through Monday. 

They are hoping the community will help. 

Donations can be made to the Pet Emergency and Specialty Center in Chula Vista at www.pescsandiego.com, just mention that it is for T-Rex's care. Or, you can visit the church website at www.theanchorsandiego.com.

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