Puppy dropped off at Chula Vista Animal Care Facility with burn injuries

Cause of burns not yet confirmed

CHULA VISTA, Calif. - Officials at a South Bay animal care center are taking care of a puppy apparently burned by acid or hot water.

Officials with the Chula Vista Animal Care Facility told 10News someone brought in the injured male terrier mix to the center Monday after hours. The dog appeared to have suffered burn-like injuries, officials said.

"He's doing much better. We peeled off all the dead skin, all the scabs, clipped as much hair as we could. [We] washed with soap and water in case it was a chemical to get rid of that, irrigated it all with sterile saline and put on burn cream," said veterinarian Juli Maher, DVM.

The estimated recovery time for the six-month-old dog is 6 to 8 weeks, facility officials said.

Facility officials have not yet determined if the injuries were a result of an accident or abuse.

"It could be either one; it could be a hot liquid so it could be thermal or it could have been a chemical burn, too. But whatever happened, it hit here and then it dripped down in strings like this and down this forearm and some got on his tail … looks like he sat in some of it; looks like he was trying to lick it off so he has some ulceration on his mouth, on his cheek and on his lower lip. He has one ulcer on his tongue so probably it was caustic," Maher said.

No other information on the case has been released.

To help this injured dog and others at the Chula Vista Animal Care Facility, visit www.cvacf.org

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