Protesters rally against drones in La Jolla

Rally in front of General Atomics CEO's house

LA JOLLA, Calif. - Protesters against drones took a different approach Friday to get their message out by rallying in front of the La Jolla home of General Atomics' CEO.

The protesters donned costumes, used props and sang to rally against the use of drones domestically and abroad.

They stood in front of General Atomics CEO Neal Blue's La Jolla home to send a message to one of the largest drone production companies in the world.

"They are causing us to have more enemies," said Tighe Barry, a protester. "Let's be clear this isn't helping. This is against national security."

Others took a quieter approach by simply reading the names of children killed by drones in the Middle East.

Still, others drove by to see what the production was about.

"I think the costumes and the theatrics, takes away from the message," said passerby Brendan Graves.

Police kept a watchful eye on the rally to make sure no one broke any laws.

But it was the use of a remote-controlled helicopter that was supposed to resemble a drone that crossed the line. Under the city code, you have to have a permit to do so.

The protestors did not have one, and officers asked them to stop flying it. They did not and it was confiscated, only to be given back to the owner because he promised not to fly it again.

General Atomics released the following statement to 10News Friday afternoon:

General Atomics and its affiliated companies (GA) constitute one of the world's leading resources for high-technology systems. GA is involved in developing transformational technologies such as electromagnetic systems, airborne sensors, and energy research. It also manufactures remotely piloted aircraft systems, which protect our troops and support national security. GA is honored that it can contribute in this way while at the same time recognizing the right to demonstrate.

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