Project aims to track carbon footprints of large cities

Devices in big cities monitor C02, methane & gas

LOS ANGELES - Scientists are on a mission to track the carbon footprints of large cities that are increasingly responsible for human-caused global warming.

Instruments perched in the mountains above Los Angeles monitor carbon dioxide, methane and other greenhouse gases spewing from factories and freeways. Similar contraptions atop the Eiffel Tower and elsewhere around Paris keep a pulse on emissions from smokestacks and automobile tailpipes. There's also talk of outfitting Sao Paulo, Brazil, with sensors that sniff the byproducts of burning  fossil fuels.

For years, greenhouse pollutants have been closely monitored around the planet by stations on the ground and in space.

Now, scientists are eyeing megacities, aiming to observe emissions in the atmosphere as a first step toward independently verifying whether local - and often lofty - climate goals are being met.

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