Family says $30,000 in valuables, cash stolen from car parked at SeaWorld

Private investigator hired by family

SAN DIEGO - A family vacationing in San Diego from Singapore last Christmas had $30,000 in valuables and cash stolen from their car in the SeaWorld parking lot.

Private investigator Nick Bradley, who is representing the family, said the family contacted him after a San Diego police Investigation turned up nothing.

"They were really disappointed in the system here," Bradley said. "They really thought here in America -- especially here in California -- that the police would be able to do far more than what they did."

Bradley said the family checked out of a La Jolla hotel on Christmas Eve morning, put their luggage into their car and drove to SeaWorld for the day.

"They knew that was the first mistake they made," said Bradley. "But reason being was that they had checked out of one hotel, came to SeaWorld for the afternoon and then they were on their way to their next hotel, which is the only reason why they had all their luggage with them."

According to Bradley, someone stole jewelry, computers, credit cards and cash from the family's car while they were inside the park.

Bradley said those credit cards were used about 30 minutes later at the Target store on Sports Arena Boulevard. Security video shows a woman dressed in black buying a tablet in the electronics section and then several gift cards in the front of the store.

"But the best image that we have is her actually departing from the store, where you see her walking through the exit," said Bradley. "And then right after Target, they went to Fashion Valley Mall, where they went to two other stores -- Nordstrom and Apple."

Bradley said San Diego police also has the surveillance video, but they haven't been able to identify the woman.

"They don't have much to go on and they have hundreds of these cases," he said.

Bradley approached 10News to get the public's help in identifying the woman in the video. He said the family really cares most about the jewelry, which are family heirlooms.

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