Prankster who made bomb threat on Thanksgiving Day apologizes for hoax

Hoax caused traffic backup on I-15

SAN DIEGO - A Bakersfield man who made a false bomb threat on Thanksgiving Day, causing a traffic nightmare on Interstate 15 in San Diego, was released from jail early Thursday morning.

Victor Diaz, 28, told 10News he was relieved to see his family again.

Diaz's mother, Lucia Garcia, said Diaz and his sister, Deanna, are one year apart and she has always wanted them to stop playing pranks on each other.

This may be a quintessential case of "mom knows best."

"My daughter, she's very happy right now because she saw him, and they hug each other and say, 'I'm sorry brother' and 'I'm sorry sister,'" Garcia explained.

Diaz admitted he put his sister, his mom and thousands of San Diegans through the wringer on Thanksgiving Day. He said he feels terrible about what happened.

Diaz said he called his sister while disguising his voice and told her a bomb was in her car and she was going to die. Deanna, who goes by Dee Dee, was terrified and pulled over on Interstate 15 at Miramar Way and called for help.

The bomb squad moved in, and officials shut down the northbound and southbound I-15 lanes.

Diaz told 10News he drove through the area and thought a traffic accident was behind the gridlock. It was not until he got to Escondido when his brother told him someone threatened Dee Dee with a bomb.

Diaz went to the scene, where he was arrested.

"The joke was meant for me and my sister," Diaz said. "I didn't mean for anyone in San Diego to be affected by it."

He said he apologizes to San Diegans, the police department and everyone impacted by the prank.

He assured 10News the prank wars are over.

The San Diego County District Attorney's Office decided Wednesday not to file felony charges against Diaz.

However, the San Diego City Attorney's Office could still file lesser misdemeanor charges.

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