Powerful waves create problems along the coast: High surf remains in the aftermath of storm

SAN DIEGO - The rain may be gone but the high surf is still causing problems along parts of the coast.

Beachgoers were greeted on Monday with a locked gate and a sign saying the Ocean Beach Pier is still closed.

"This was going to be our big thing to do today so I was kind of disappointed," said Betsy True, who is visiting from Virginia.

On Monday afternoon, city workers made repairs after the high surf damaged 100 feet of railing on both sides of the pier.

It put a damper on True's plans as she was looking forward to walking on the pier and snapping photos of birds.

"We come out once or twice while we're here and hadn't done it yet this year so I thought this would be a good day to do it … sunshine and the rain is over," said True.

Oceanside's pier had a similar closure. Officials with the city tell 10News high surf closed their pier for about 12 hours over the weekend.

But this weekend's storms were not enough to help with the state's shortage of water.

"We did not get enough rain and snow in the mountains to really dent the drought," said Doug Carlson, who is with the California Department of Water Resources.

Carlson says the snow water level only gained 8 percent from this weekend's storms.

"To get back to normal, by say the end of April, we would have to have heavy rain and heavy snow every day or almost every other day," said Carlson.

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