Poway Unified holds special meeting to discuss superintendent's new proposed contract

Some blame John Collins for $1 billion bond mess

POWAY, Calif. - The Poway Unified School District Board held a special meeting Monday evening so parents could voice their concerns about the superintendent's new proposed contract.

Some parents said they did not learn of the meeting until the last minute. Only a handful showed up to the meeting.

Superintendent John Collins is currently the highest paid superintendent in the San Diego County. His total compensation package is worth $385,654. 

"Really, my objection isn't so much, how much he's being paid, it's the lack of leadership on fiscal issues for the district," said parent John Riley.

He says it is time for Collins to go. He blames him for the $100 million school bond that will cost taxpayers $1 billion when it is paid back in 40 years.

"We want to invest in our community. We want good education. We take great pride in what our school district has done, but looking forward, we can't have 10 cents on the dollar go to the kids and 90 cents on the dollar go to the banks," said Riley.

Three parents told the board not to offer Collins a new contract. Three colleagues and a parent spoke in favor of keeping him. Retired principal Scott Fisher talked about the district's excellent test scores.

"That kind of education is a result of strong leadership and it starts at the top," said Fisher.

Collins has been with the district for 25 years and has served as superintendent for the last four.

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