Poway teen Allison Grygar going to Scripps National Spelling Bee Championship

SAN DIEGO - San Diego has a history of producing spelling bee champions, with Anurag Kashyap winning the national title in 2005 and Snigdha Nandipati taking the crown in 2012.

"It's really neat to be able to continue the tradition, and I'm really proud to represent my city," said eighth-grader Allison Grygar, who attends St. Michael's School in Poway.

Allison is off to the Scripps National Spelling Bee after winning the 45th annual Countywide Spelling Bee by correctly spelling the word "gurgled."

"We're going to [Washington] D.C., my nation's capital. I think I'm just going to let loose, let my hands go free, be myself," she told 10News.

Nandipati, the 2012 winner, used her finger to write the word out on her hand, and Allison has her own technique.

"I kind of almost use cursive with my hand in the air," said Allison.

She studies rules for languages like French.

"The 'sh' sound is 'c-h.' You know, I can kind of piece them together using rules," said Allison.

She was also given a study guide, saying, "They just give you your big dictionary and they say, 'Have fun.' … it's about this thick; it's really big," said Allison.

So 10News reporter Craig Herrera grabbed a smaller version and randomly picked a word out.

He said, "Psychiatrist."

Allison responded, "Psychiatrist, OK, p-s-y …"

Relaxed and calm, she put on her spelling competition game face and used her hands to spell the word out in the air.

Thirteen seconds later, she correctly spelled the word.

Allison's spelling bee studying schedule all depends on her school assignments.

"It kind of depends on how much homework I have, actually," said Allison.

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