Poway High School senior to get closed captioning

Hearing-impaired student has been asking for years

POWAY, Calif. - A hearing-impaired Poway High School student will have some major changes in the way she learns in the classroom on Wednesday morning.

For the first time, graduating senior Delanie Harrington will get CART, or closed captioning. It is something she has been fighting for her entire high school career.

"We were jumping … it was very exciting," she told 10News from her family's dining room.

Just days before winter break, their attorney emailed them with the news.

"Basically that we had won an injunction that we filed so that while the district is appealing the courts, they are required to provide me with it during the appeal," she said

They are required to provide her with CART captioning, where someone is hired to type everything that is being said by her teachers and other students. 

Eighteen-year-old Delanie, who is hearing-impaired, began asking the Poway Unified School District for CART captioning when she was 13 years old and still in middle school. Her family says the district refused get her the necessary tools to help her learn.

10News was there in October as she sat in front of the Poway Unified School District board. Then, she brought with her 1,900 signatures she gathered in an online petition.

"CART is an accommodation for hearing-impaired, just like a ramp is for someone who can only access areas with a wheelchair," added Delanie's father Kevin.

Kevin and her mother Tami explained that while they are excited for Delanie, their attorney told them that the Poway Unified School District is appealing to the U.S. Supreme Court.

The district tells 10News they cannot comment on pending litigation.

"So the fight goes on," Kevin added. "But at least right now, it will be for at least six months."

Whether it is in place for months or years, clearly Delanie is paving the way to help other Poway students.

"This isn't just for me," she said.

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