Poway girl pepper-sprayed by mail carrier

Haylee Brown was running after loose dog Roxy

POWAY, Calif. - The parents of a Poway girl are calling for a postal worker to be fired after he pepper-sprayed their 10-year-old on his route, but 10News discovered the story has another side.

The mail carrier had just delivered mail to a home on Neddick Avenue and was walking away when the dog got out of the home and started running after him.

Ten-year-old Haylee Brown ran after her Boxer named Roxy, which she described as a typical, playful 1-year-old. The fifth grader said she got a hold of the dog's hind legs but the mail carrier must have still felt threatened because he whipped out his pepper spray and fired at the dog.

"And unfortunately, he completely missed the dog and hit my daughter straight on the head,” father J.T. Brown told 10News. "I was livid to say the least."

Haylee said, "My eyes started stinging, so I covered my face and started running towards my house."

10News reporter Itica Milanes asked Brown if he could understand how the postal worker could have felt that maybe Haylee did not have full control of the dog and was trying to protect himself.

Brown replied, "Roxy is 40 pounds. She can be a handful but my daughter had her by both hind legs."

Most, if not all, postal carriers carry pepper spray and are trained to deal with unleashed dogs.

When asked what he would have done if he was the mail carrier, Brown said, "I would have backed off. That's all I needed to do."

Brown filed a complaint with the postal service and now he has to go to the post office to personally pick up his mail.

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