Poway Days parade lives on after threats of cancellation

Rotary Club members stepped in to help

POWAY, Calif. - Crowds of people packed the sidewalks of Poway on Saturday for the 49th annual Poway Days parade. However, this year's festivities were almost canceled after the organizer stepped down.

IMAGES: Poway Days parade (mobile users: http://bit.ly/17gAGZK)

With only 60 days to go and with a budget of only $5,000, the members of the Rotary Club stepped up to keep the tradition alive.

Pauline Getz, who spearheaded the effort, told 10News, "The challenge was trying to figure out how to put on a parade, bring together the volunteers to do that and then bring in the money that it takes to run a parade."

It is a tradition many look forward to, especially for a group of Girl Scouts. They, too, kept their fingers crossed hoping they would be able to participate in the parade again.

Alison Lizarraga, a scout mom, said, "We were just hoping … Every year the girls want to know, are we doing the parade? And it was really important that we do it."

Robin Nelthopre brought her two daughters, giving them their first parade experience while supporting the community.

"This is really fun," she said. "It's close to home and it's fun seeing a bunch of our neighbors in the parade as well."

Rotary Club members tell 10News they will likely organize next year's parade, only this time, they will start much sooner.

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