Popularity of local startup's Pocket Drone is taking off

SAN DIEGO - Billed as a personal flying robot, the Pocket Drone – the creation of a local startup – is attracting national attention and plenty of demand.

"We feel like 2014 is going to be the year of the drone," said Chance Roth, the CEO of AirDroids.

Roth says the Pocket Drone is the smallest drone capable of lifting something the weight of a GoPro camera.

How compact is it? The drone fits into a 7-by-4-inch bag.

"We feel like it's the most user-friendly, accessible drone out there," said Roth.

Roth says they are still putting the finishing touches on the video stabilization technology, but gave 10News some scenic videos of beaches and a golf course as examples from past test flights.

"It's got the capability of a drone twice the cost," said Roth.

The flights last 15 to 20 minutes. Priced at $495, the Pocket Drone and its Kickstarter campaign flew past a goal of $30,000 and is approaching $400,000 in just two weeks. 

The drone has been featured in publications such as the Wall Street Journal, and Roth says several major retailers have called -- betting the product will fly off their shelves.

While the FAA is expected to come up with rules for future commercial use of drones, few regulations govern the personal use of drones.

"From photography and filming your backyard barbecue, to filming your kids riding bicycles or playing football," said Roth.

Roth says they are hoping to manufacture the drones in Tijuana or in San Diego.

Click here for more information on the Pocket Drone.

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