Popular local musician looking to recover prized guitar

Guitar stolen from Mrs. Magician lead singer

LA MESA, Calif. - The lead singer of one of San Diego's hottest bands is on a mission to track down a possession he considers priceless.

"Definitely, there's a hole in my heart," said Jacob Turnbloom, of the award-winning band Mrs. Magician.

More than a week ago, there was a heart-wrenching moment. After a performance with his band, he arrived at his La Mesa apartment at around 3 a.m. Two hours later, he headed out for work.

When he got to his truck, he felt a sinking feeling. He found that the seal on the window had been pried open and something -- possibly a clothes hanger -- had been jammed inside, likely used to pop open the door

"It was this insane rush of fear," said Turnbloom.

The thief made away with band T-shirts, an amplifier and Turnbloom's most prized possession -- a $700 Fender guitar, his first-ever guitar and a gift from his father a decade ago.

"It's almost like a part of you," said Turnbloom.

He's used the guitar on every tour, to record every record. Last year, his band earned Best Pop Album honors at the San Diego Music Awards.

"It's something I would always go to whenever I needed to write a song or make a record. I would just pick it up and start writing," said Turnbloom.

Nearly two months ago, the band's trailer was stolen from a different location. It contained several guitars, amps and other instruments. Turnbloom doesn't believe the two incidents are connected.

While the band plays on, Turnbloom has taken the search for his guitar to Facebook. He's scoured Craigslist, pawn shops and guitar shops.

"This sounded super cheesy, but I was going to give it to my kid when I had kid. There's definitely a creative block now that's it's gone," said Turnbloom.

One of the band's supporters is donating a replacement guitar. Turnbloom said he's grateful, but still plans to search for his guitar.  

Anyone with information on this case is urged to contact the San Diego Police Department.

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