Poll shows who San Diegans see as the most favorable candidate to replace Filner if he's kicked out

Nathan Fletcher had highest favorability rating

SAN DIEGO - The mayor says he is not stepping down, but if he is kicked out of City Hall, who will be the most favorable candidate to replace him?

According to a 10News/U-T San Diego poll that surveyed more than 600 people, former State Assemblyman and one-time mayoral hopeful Nathan Fletcher came in on top with a favorability rating of +16.

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The percentage of "unfavorable" votes was subtracted from the "favorable" to come up with the favorability rating.

"After last year's election, Nathan Fletcher went into the private sector and he's been biding his time, developing his resume and possibly looking for the opportunity to get back to politics," said political expert Carl Luna.

Luna told 10News Fletcher's problem is a lot of people do not know him.

That is not an issue for the next three possibilities.

Former State Senator Christine Kehoe with a favorability rating of +15.

Former City Councilwoman Donna Frye, one of the Filner scandal whistleblowers, with a rating of +13.

City Attorney Jan Goldsmith, a Filner rival, had a +12 rating.

Next was City Council President Todd Gloria with a favorability rating of +9, followed by his colleague Councilman Kevin Faulconer with a rating of +3.

"Mr. Faulconer and Mr. Gloria are popular in their districts, yet they don't seem to have a really strong citywide base and most people don't really have much of an opinion of them yet," said Luna.

Almost everyone had an opinion former City Councilman Carl DeMaio. However, his high profile did not serve him well with the people 10News polled, ending with the lowest favorability rating on the list at -4.

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