Poll Shows San Diegans' Thoughts On Mayoral Hopefuls

500 Registered Voters Offer Opinions On Potential Candidates For San Diego Mayor

The results of a 10News poll showed what San Diego voters think of potential candidates for mayor.

  • Poll:Potential SD Mayor Candidates
  • 10News asked more than 500 registered voters in San Diego what they thought of the people who might be running for mayor in 2012, ranging from City Councilman Carl DeMaio to San Diego County District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis.

    Dumanis has said she is seriously exploring her options, but has made no decisions about running for mayor.

    Mesa College political science professor Carl Luna said, "She is putting her toe into the mayoral pool. If it's warm enough, she might dive in."

    According to the poll on potential candidates, Dumanis has a 27 percent favorable rating among registered voters and a 17 percent unfavorable rating. The rest are neutral or have no opinion.

    "That's not a bad base to build on. As district attorney, you don't get necessarily the high-profile of a council member or a mayor, but she's got double favorable ratings and we like law-and-order types in this town," said Luna.

    Former city councilmember and mayoral candidate Donna Frye has the highest favorable and unfavorable ratings, according to the poll. However, Frye has said she is nto running.

    Rep. Bob Filner has a 30 percent favorable rating, but a 29 percent unfavorable rating, according to the poll.

    "Bob Filner has a safe congressional seat, so why he would give that up to take the mayor's position is kind of interesting logic. He'd have a harder road because people know him well," said Luna.

    The poll shows Sen. Christine Kehoe with a 28 percent favorable rating and 24 percent not favorable rating.

    "Somebody who's run a number of state and local campaigns … the record is out. It's harder to walk away from your record," said Luna.

    DeMaio, who has already filed papers to start his campaign, has a 27 percent favorable rating and a 17 percent unfavorable rating.

    "He's close to the Dumanis ballpark; more supporters than detractors. So it's his to lose as the public gets to know him more … how he can win the independents," said Luna.

    The primary election is in June 2012, but candidates can start raising money a year before.

    Two other potential candidates -- Assemblyman Nathan Fletcher and City Councilman Kevin Faulconer -- have positive ratings of 20 percent.

    Former mayoral candidate Steve Francis is the only potential candidate with more unfavorable than favorable reactions, according to the poll.

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