The Civility Project rates the latest political ad in the district attorney's race

Ad was paid for by the Robert Brewer campaign

SAN DIEGO - It is a local race filled with accusations on both sides, so The Civility Project rated the tone and fairness of the latest District Attorney's race ad to hit the airwaves.

The ad focuses on illegal contributions to District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis' campaign by a foreign national. It uses local media headlines and stories throughout the ad.

The first voiceover says, "District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis said she knew nothing about one of the biggest campaign finance schemes in city history."

It is an ad paid for by the campaign of Robert Brewer.

Political analysts Carl Luna and John Dadian participated in the analysis of the ad, rating its tone and fairness.

Luna is calling the ad "guilt by association" and questions its truth.

"It makes claims which we don't necessarily know," Luna said. "With gritty voiceovers and harsh music, it's a classic attack ad."

Both panelists pointed out the ad uses Dumanis' own words in the ad.

"There is nothing that suggests I've done anything wrong," Dumanis said in the ad.

Dadian said while the ad is tough, he believes it is true and fair.

"One of the main criteria that we look at to say is it true and is it fair is do they cite their sources? And they do in this case," said John Dadian.

As far as whether the ad is civil, the opinions differ.

"The ad for district attorney is a fairly disappointing ad, in my view, because it is fairly uncivil. It's an attack ad," Luna said.

Dadian said it is close.

"It goes up that line, still being civil, but very hard hitting. Overall, as far as the aesthetics, it's a very powerful ad," Dadian said.

The panelists graded the ad's truth, relevance and fairness with a "C+" for the overall grade for the 30-second spot.

The primary election is scheduled in June.

Longtime prosecutor Terri Wyatt is also running against Brewer and Dumanis.

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