Struggling LA to pick new mayor in low-profile race; voter turnout could dip below 20 percent

Departing Antonio Villaraigosa faces term limits

LOS ANGELES - Voters in Los Angeles are set to vote in the contest to succeed Antonio Villaraigosa, the city's Democratic mayor.

It's unlikely that any candidate will clear the majority needed to win outright on Tuesday. The likely outcome in the heavily Democratic city will send two City Hall regulars, Councilman Eric Garcetti and city Controller Wendy Greuel, to a May 21 runoff. 

Voters have been mostly indifferent about the race. Turnout could dip below 20 percent and that could produce surprises, possibly opening the way for Democratic Councilwoman Jan Perry or former prosecutor Kevin James, a Republican, to slip into the two-person runoff.

Former technology executive Emanuel Pleitez is a longshot.

Los Angeles' mayor presides over a budget that rises above $7 billion, but it's a notoriously weak office hemmed in by a powerful City Council.

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