San Diego mayoral candidates David Alvarez, Kevin Faulconer answer top 5 questions from social media

SAN DIEGO - You asked -- and they answered! Check out the responses from San Diego mayoral candidates David Alvarez and Kevin Faulconer to your top five questions via social media.


What are your plans in this city of San Diego about wages, especially minimum? -- Ester Johnson

David Alvarez: I support an increase in the minimum wage to allow hard working San Diegans to contribute to the economy and afford to live in our City. My Republican opponent has publicly opposed the minimum wage increase at the state level.

Kevin Faulconer: As mayor, I will work to protect quality, middle class jobs -- and promote policies that help San Diegans create new jobs. Read my five-point jobs plan here


How do you plan to try and end homelessness in San Diego? -- Leticia Odanga

David Alvarez: We need to establish better partnerships with the County and support additional wraparound services including mental health and addiction treatment, job training and transition housing to our homeless population. In addition, multi-year funding for the winter homeless shelter and more affordable housing will help.

Kevin Faulconer: The city has a moral obligation to help homeless women, children and families. As mayor, I will work to assist the most disadvantaged and vulnerable who have the most challenges finding permanent housing. Providing permanent housing to the chronically homeless can make a better use of public resources by reducing social services costs associated with shelters, emergency healthcare and law enforcement. By providing the stability and supportive services required to effectively address the primary causes of long-term homelessness, such as substance abuse and untreated mental illness, many more San Diegans will be given new opportunities to succeed.

Will either of the candidates entertain rent control in the city? If rents were more reasonable people could live better and not be asking the city, county or state government for help. -- Yvonne Vorberg

David Alvarez: I support iMayor Todd Gloria’s push for more affordable housing in our City.

Kevin Faulconer: As mayor, I will work to make housing more affordable and available to more San Diegans than ever before. I will promote policies to make market rate housing more affordable and increase subsidized affordable housing options.


In light of the middle class shrinkage due to the economy, what measures, specifically, would you employ to expand job production and the middle class and increase employment? -- Cliff Elledge

David Alvarez: As a City Councilmember I’ve created jobs in smart-growth development projects like COMM22, supported community plan updates that increase jobs and have truly walked the walk on supporting small businesses in San Diego. I will continue my track record by supporting our innovation and high-growth tech economy, investing in our neighborhoods and ensuring students are ready for the workforce.  

Kevin Faulconer: As mayor, I will:

  • - Invest in and protect core San Diego industries, such as life and health sciences, tourism, military and maritime.
  • - Develop and cultivate the next generation of innovative businesses through creating high-tech job incubators, securing economic incentives for revitalization in low-to-moderate income communities and updating community plans to encourage business investment in underserved communities.
  • - Educate and prepare students for the 21st century by improving access to Science Technology Engineering and Math (STEM) educational programs and provide job training for returning veterans.

Anything hiding in your closets we need to know about? -- Debbie Ozanich

David Alvarez: Just a lot of my 3 year-old daughter Izel’s toys. ;)

Kevin Faulconer: I’m proud of my 8 years of experience on the City Council, working with Mayor Jerry Sanders to bring real budget and pension reforms to City Hall. My top priority is returning integrity and trust to the Mayor’s office, and I look forward to doing it as mayor.

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