Rep. Scott Peters' campaign releases video against challenger Carl DeMaio

Ad posted Tuesday on YouTube

SAN DIEGO - The first major attack in the race for the 52nd Congressional District hit the Internet on Tuesday and it came from the incumbent's camp.

Candidate Carl DeMaio, a Republican, is seen in video from a 2011 speech from when he ran for San Diego mayor. The video shows DeMaio giving a speech to local Tea Party members.

The video was of the speech was edited by the campaign of Rep. Scott Peter (D-CA).

A news release announcing the clip on YouTube said, "This video of DeMaio speaking in front of a local Tea Party audience is yet more evidence of his allegiance to the far-right fringe. It's the video DeMaio doesn't want you to see." (Mobile users:

DeMaio "openly mocks the mere notion of bipartisan cooperation. He admits he'll owe the Tea Party "everything,'" said Alex Roth, Peter's communications director in the news release.

The speech was about pension reform.

Dave McCulloch, spokesperson for the DeMaio campaign, issued a statement to 10News regarding the edited speech.

"It's laughable that Scott Peters had to resort to deceptively splicing video clips completely out of context in order to call the gay, pro-choice government reformer an 'extremist,'" wrote McCulloch. "Scott Peters' tactics show why Washington is broken and why he must go."

Laura Fink, a 10News political consultant, said she thought the online ad was an effective campaign move.

The most recent 10News\UT San Diego scientific poll shows DeMaio in the lead with 51 percent of the vote to Peters with 44 percent of likely voters.

See the full, unedited DeMaio speech (mobile users:

Carl DeMaio at San Diego Tea Party from Richie Rich on Vimeo.

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