Nathan Fletcher's 'mission': New ad gets good grade from the Civility Project

SAN DIEGO - Nathan Fletcher’s campaign has produced their first television advertisement for the special mayor's race.

In a word, the campaign and the ad are on a "mission." And what is the mission? To reintroduce the candidate to San Diegans.

John Beatty, a longtime political reporter for 10News, thinks the ad works. It gives viewers a quick overview of the candidate.

He says it succinctly tells viewers, "In case you don't know me, I was an ex-Marine, a legislaturer [sic], got Chelsea's Law through, I believe in fairness, I'm a nonpartisan guy."

Watch the ad below. (mobile users:

Joining Beatty on the Civility Team is former Assemblyman Jeff Marston. Both Beatty and Marston, along with political scientist Carl Luna, have been reviewing campaign ads for the Civility Project and 10News since the previous mayor's election which lead to the brief reign of Bob Filner.

Marston said about the Fletcher ad, "In a sense he wanted to reintroduce himself to the public. He did a lot of these same things when he ran for mayor last year."

The Civility Project team reviews the ads for their tone and how the subject matter is presented. 

How the scoring is done:

How the ad measured up:

In the case of this first Fletcher ad, the grade is a good one.

Marston said, "It's just a very positive ad" and as such received a grade of an "A."

Beatty added, "It's very, very civil … no anger, no accusations." He thinks the ad will work well for people who do not follow politics closely.

Marston thinks it also attempts to addresses Fletcher's controversial move from Republican to Independent to Democrat.

As for the overall civil tone, so far for all the television advertising by all the candidates, neither of our experts thinks it will hold up, in particular when outside ad dollars start coming in to the campaign. 

And when those dollars come and the ads follow, Fletcher is going to be caught in the middle.

"I think Nathan, as he was last year, is going to be the target of both campaigns," said Marston.

He is referring to the other contenders high in the polls, David Alvarez and Kevin Faulconer.

More information on the Civility Project:

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