Mayoral candidates Kevin Faulconer and David Alvarez debate ahead of Election Day

SAN DIEGO - On Wednesday, mayoral candidates Kevin Faulconer and David Alvarez were asked some tough questions from 10News and our partners, KPBS and KOGO, in their first runoff debate. The Society of Professional Journalists was represented on the panel as well.

During the debate, both men offered their thoughts on topics ranging from public safety to jobs to the Chargers stadium situation.


Alvarez said San Diegans were tired of the business interests that back Faulconer.

"Kevin will sit and listen and do whatever these special interests tell him to do," Alvarez said. "The developers, the big corporations -- those who have enough money to have lobbyists, who have high-paid consultants. Not everyday citizens."

He called the Faulconer campaign "a big backroom deal," in reference to stories that former councilman and 2012 mayoral candidate Carl DeMaio was pressured to stay out of the race.

Faulconer countered that the Alvarez campaign has taken in around $3 million from organized labor -- "the same unions that nearly drove this city to bankruptcy." That amounts to about 80 percent of his opponent's funding, Faulconer said.

He pointed out that the mayor is the city's chief labor negotiator and sits at the table during contract negotiations. Faulconer promised to be independent in such situations.

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