Former state Assemblywoman Lori Saldana considers San Diego mayoral run

10News talks to Saldana at City Clerk's Office

SAN DIEGO - Former state Assemblywoman Lori Saldana is among those considering a San Diego mayoral run, 10News learned.

A 10News crew bumped into Saldana Wednesday as she visited the City Clerk's information desk to ask about the requirements to become a candidate for the special election set for November 19.

"I'm not ready to make an announcement by any means, but I know there is polling going on, that there are candidates out there who have already announced, and what we learned from this latest experience is just because somebody is the first to jump in doesn't make them the best for the job," Saldana said.

When asked about her qualifications for being mayor of one of the nation's largest cities, Saldana talked about her time in the Assembly, passing bills that impact people's lives and pocketbooks.

Saldana, an information technology instructor at San Diego State University, said she wants to help San Diego get back on its feet.

"It really hurts me to see what's happened to this city, and I want it to get back on track and if there's something I can do to help with that, whether it's as a candidate or in other ways, I'd like to be part of the solution," said Saldana.

10News reported in July that Saldana had given the San Diego County Democratic Party's leadership information four years ago, that indicated then-Congressman Bob Filner had issues involving his interactions with women.

The party still endorsed Filner in his run for San Diego mayor.

Although she has not filed a candidate intent form with the city, Saldana sounded like a candidate when she began criticizing Nathan Fletcher, who has filed to run for mayor.

Saldana and Fletcher served in the California Assembly at the same time.

"I had concerns about some of his legislation," she recalled, saying she was especially concerned about redevelopment legislation Fletcher was in favor of.

"It wound up costing the entire state redevelopment dollars in the billions, so I do have some concerns about the way he conducted himself as a legislator, and I want to take a close look at all the candidates," she added.

Saldana has until September 20 to declare her candidacy.

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