Controversy in candidates' latest ads?

SAN DIEGO - The political ads for the next mayor of San Diego are becoming more controversial.

It's hard to turn on the TV these days and not get bombarded with political ads. In this latest round though, the tone has changed. Now, both David Alvarez and Kevin Faulconer are rolling out their attack ads as the race for San Diego's next mayor heats up.

John Beatty, a former 10News political reporter, and Jeff Marston, a former state assemblyman are part of The Civility Project. They broke down the latest political ads for you, focusing on their accuracy, relevance and fairness.

First up, Faulconer's ad, and Beatty said, "There's one thing about this commercial that bothers me, it's the phrase 'He won't fight for us.' Well, who is us, who will he fight for? It leaves it up to the viewer to infer what he or she wants to."

Then there's the Alvarez's ad which says in part, "... while cutting our police and fire."

"When we go to the part he is being blamed for cutting police and fire, there is no attribution whatsoever," said Marston.

They found other issues too. The Faulconer ad says, "Thirty-three-year old David Alvarez will turn back the clock."

Beatty said, "What is there about 33 years old that's bad? Is Faulconer at 47 now the sage of San Diego? That's a ridiculous point. It has no bearing on the race."

Marston tried to dig deeper into an issue in the Alvarez ad but couldn't. He told 10News, "It talks about that David has a detailed plan and it does show a website, I went to the website and I couldn't find the plan."

The panel gave Alvarez's ad a "B-", while Faulconer's got a "C".

Beatty and Marston said when all is said and done it will all come down to whose supporters actually send in their mail in ballots or go to the polls on election day, Feb. 11.

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