Civility Project takes closer look at latest campaign ads from Kevin Faulconer, David Alvarez

SAN DIEGO - The countdown is on until San Diegans fill in that bubble on the ballot to choose either Kevin Faulconer or David Alvarez to be the city's next mayor.

Former 10News political reporter John Beatty and former state Assemblyman Jeff Marston make up two of the three panelists on The Civility Project. The group rates the fairness, tone and accuracy of local political ads, like a recent one for David Alvarez that was produced and paid for by a labor union.

The ad has Diane Takvorian, an environmental activist saying, "Kevin Faulconer got an 'F' on his environmental report card."

When Marston looked at the commercial, he asked, "What report card? Why? What did he vote for or against?"

Alvarez's ad really got Marston fired up, and he said, "People just say stuff and if I say it enough times you have to believe it."

Marston feels candidates or their independent expenditures that make these ads may be counting on voters to take statements at face value and not do any further research.

Marston said, "I think the average political commercial is made just that way. Make it sound good, put an attractive, articulate family on there."

Beatty added, "Let us know how we can verify what you say."

The Civility Project only gave the Alvarez ad 4 out of 12 points for truthfulness.

Marston and Beatty looked at another commercial made and paid for by Faulconer. It features Father Joe Carroll saying, "Kevin has always been there and I expect him as mayor to continue to be there."

Beatty said, "Father Joe is an icon in this community for dealing with the homeless, but that's just one man's opinion."

One issue the panel had with this ad was that there was no way to verify Father's Joe statements.

The Civility Project gave this ad 10 out of 12 points for truthfulness.

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