Candidates in race for San Diego mayor make final push for votes before Tuesday's election

SAN DIEGO - Candidates in the race for San Diego mayor are making a final push for votes this weekend.

The top three candidates are hoping their efforts pay off at the polls. They went door-to-door and picked up the phone, hoping to score some last-minute votes the weekend before Election Day.

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Nathan Fletcher and David Alvarez, who are neck-and-neck, went to neighborhoods where their signs and brochures are already in people's yards.

For both candidates, Saturday was about making sure supporters get out to the polls.

"It's really getting out the vote," said Alvarez.  "We've already identified who's supporting us and we want to make sure they get out."

Fletcher told 10News, "It's been so encouraging, despite all the negativity, despite all of the attacks to see so many say we're ready to move our city forward and they're hanging in there with us."

Kevin Faulconer, who is currently the frontrunner, says having the edge does not mean he and his volunteers are taking it easy.

"We are running this race like we're 10 points behind, running real strong, running real positive," he said. "We are not taking anything for granted."

While many voters have already made up their minds, the final push does make a difference to undecided voter Barbara Campbell.

"You see them on TV, you see the ads, you read the brochures that come out in the mail and the slam campaign tactics, but it's very nice meeting them one-on one, it really is," she said.

As she and her husband contemplate who will get their vote, she knows the best candidate will be able to restore one thing.

"Trust in the mayor, trust in the city government," said Campbell.

The candidates have a busy schedule this weekend. They will keep going door-to-door and calling voters, even on Election Day.

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