Political analyst: Effort to recall Bob Filner is premature, likely to fail

Stickers say 'Recall Filner before it's too late'

SAN DIEGO - An effort to recall San Diego Mayor Bob Filner would likely fail, according to a political analyst.

10News reached out to Carl Luna after learning bumper stickers have been popping up around town that read, "Recall Filner before it's too late."

It is not known who is responsible for the message or whether it is a serious attempt to unseat the mayor.

"At this point, there's no major financial meltdown, there's bad tempers at City Hall but personality alone isn't a measure of a high crime, misdemeanor or impeachable offense," said Luna, who admitted Filner has a polarizing personality which could be why some people are unhappy with him.

"A lot of Republicans aren't happy that he won," said Luna, who added that it is possible they could get the more than 100,000 signatures it would take to get a recall referendum on the ballot, but it would be a stretch: "I don't think Bob Filner has alienated nearly enough people to drive that."

Luna told 10News such a move could backfire.

"I think it would actually solidify his support and rally the troops behind him in an increasingly Democratic town," he said.

Filner did not seem too concerned about recall rumors. 

"It's obviously on somebody's mind," the mayor told 10News reporter Allison Ash, calling it a "pretty dramatic step to take if you disagree with someone."

The mayor has been under fire recently for refusing to sign a contract approved by City Council that would give $30 million a year to the Tourism Marketing District to fund advertising for San Diego.

City Council will hold a special meeting Thursday to discuss the impasse.

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