Police: Women suspected of trying to extort man who lent car

Police drew guns on suspects in parking lot

SAN DIEGO - It was a terrifying ordeal for shoppers at Fashion Valley Mall as officers had their guns drawn in the parking lot on a stolen car and the three people inside, two women and a man. Police say it all amounted to an extortion attempt.

According to police, minutes before the hot stop in the Bloomingdales parking lot on Wednesday, the daughter of a man called 911 from their home in Linda Vista, reporting her father had been kidnapped.

"Young lady called and said that her father had been taken by two females to go retrieve his stolen vehicle," said San Diego police Officer Nick Borrelli.

Borrelli said the man let one of the women borrow the vehicle, which was a black Lexus. Police said the women were attempting to extort him, refusing to give it back unless he paid them an unknown amount of cash.

"She refused to return it so he reported it stolen," said Borrelli. "Today, she showed up and was trying to extort money to get his stolen vehicle returned to him."

Police are still investigating and tell 10News the relationship between the man and two women is still not clear.

The man's black Lexus that was reported stolen has still has not been located, according to police.

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