Police surprise South Bay families with Christmas gifts

SAN DIEGO - Some South Bay families woke up Sunday morning to a holiday surprise.

It unfolded live on 10News This Morning as single mother Angie Negerete learned her family was about to get a helping hand for the holidays. One by one, police officers, their kids and volunteers dropped off gifts, food and some extra cash – all collected by the Filipino American Law Enforcement Officers Association.

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For the second year in a row, they surprised four South Bay families. The kids, who were nominated by their schools, are students who are doing well despite the hardships they face at home.

"It means a lot," said Nancy Mejia, Negerete's daughter. "We've been through a lot of stuff, but we're really happy that this crowd came to sing to us."

And as each door opened, the reaction was the same: Families happy to get the extra help when they need it most.

Just ask Randy Goldberg and his wife. They have four children. The youngest is 15 months old, and the oldest is 8 years old.

"It definitely brings our spirits up," said Goldberg. "We haven't gone shopping yet for gifts."

As for the officers, they say aside from seeing the smiling faces, it is also about leaving a positive memory for the kids.

"Being with law enforcement … it won't be a fear for him," said organizer Teo Millan. "It'd be something where he says, 'Hey, I know these people, they came to my house' … establish that type of real rapport with them."

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