SD police step up efforts to find razor blade suspect

SAN DIEGO - Police are asking for help to find the person who put 19 razor blades in the grass at a popular children’s playground in Mission Bay.

On Wednesday night, two children were hurt when they stepped on the blades which were face up in the grass at Bonita Cove Park.

Cassie Padilla of Poway told 10News her two sons, ages 15 and 7, were playing barefoot in the park. Police said the blades embedded into the 7-year-old's foot and paramedics had to pull them out. He required stitches.

San Diego Police said it was the third time someone purposely put blades in the ground at that park in the past year.  In August 2013, 10 blades were found in the park, injuring a 41-year-old woman. Less than a month later, 20 blades were discovered. Fortunately, no one was hurt.

San Diego police Lt. Kevin Mayer said “nothing is off the table” in terms of how far they intend to go to catch the suspect. That could include installing surveillance cameras and increasing patrols.  Lt. Mayer said there is a chance someone has a picture of the suspect on their smartphone.

“We’re searching for witnesses, if there’s any video in the area, anyone who might have a cell phone picture,” he said.

Police have taken the razor blades and are trying to get any DNA they can from them. They will also check with nearby businesses to see if they can look at their surveillance video.

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