Police searching for whoever fired shots on busy Mission Beach street

Officers say it was amazing no one was hit

SAN DIEGO - San Diego police are searching for whoever fired a couple of shots on a busy Mission Beach street Saturday evening.

The shooting occurred on the sidewalk on the north side of Ventura Place, near the Big Dipper roller coaster just off Mission Bay Drive.

Dozens of people were out in the area enjoying their Saturday evening, including one very frightened family visiting from Tucson, Ariz. 

"The shots were fired… we just hit the floor, all of us," said Tom Flores. "It was scary."

Police said it was amazing that no one else was hit by the gunfire.

Flores and his family were out just out to get dinner. 

"I realized what was happening and I grabbed the both of them and told them to follow me around the building so we didn't get shot," said Flores, holding his youngest child on his shoulders.

Sherry Peace said within seconds after the shots were fired, she learned what had sparked the violent outburst. 

"They were fighting over a girl," she said. "The argument was over a girl."

Peace said that woman had a message for her and her family.

"The lady grabbed me and told me, 'Get your kids and take off out of here. He's crazy,'" she said.

When asked if the woman that said that was the one they were fighting over, Peace said, "Yeah… and she was yelling at the guy, 'Why would you do that? Look at all the kids here!'"

Police told 10News they were looking for the shooter and at least one other man. 

For the Tucson family, it was an evening they will never forget.

"The shooter… he just pulled out his gun and started firing, two shots and then the other guy started running and everyone just ducked down," said 16-year old David Gutierrez.

Flores said the shooter and his intended target ran away from the area. He said the last time he saw the woman who the argument was over, she was walking away in the opposite direction.

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