Police search for man who stole high-end purses from store in Fashion Valley Mall, woman arrested

Purses taken from Salvatore Ferragamo store

SAN DIEGO - Police have arrested a woman and are continuing to search for a man after they say they the pair tried to steal several purses from a high-end store at the Fashion Valley Mall on Saturday night.

The incident occurred at the Salvatore Ferragamo store shortly after 8 p.m., according to the San Diego Police Department.

"The two suspects entered the store and pretended they were shopping and at one point took several, about seven to 10 high-end purses, put them on their arms, and then tried to run outside the store," said San Diego police Lt. Paul Rorrison."When the clerk tried to stop them, they pushed away from the clerk."

Police say the pair ditched the bags as they ran from the mall.

An employee and a shopper chased the suspects into a nearby parking structure. Officers searched the structure and found the woman hiding under a car.

The man ran off towards the nearby riverbed. Police are still searching for him.

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