Police say woman attacked by man with Taser is escort: Brendan Mathis linked to similar case

Woman jumped from balcony to escape attacker

SAN DIEGO - San Diego police detectives told 10News that a woman attacked in her Mission Valley apartment Wednesday by a man with a Taser is a paid escort and the suspect is linked to the assault of another high-end escort earlier this month.

Brendan Mathis, 31, is accused of committing the crime of assault with a Taser, along with a host of other charges, including kidnapping to commit rape, false imprisonment and torture.

"He had engaged the services of an escort, and in so doing he tied her up and began to assault her," SDPD Sex Crimes Unit Lt. Chuck Kaye told 10News.

Kaye said Mathis tied up his victim, used the Taser on her and began to sexually assault her, but she was able to get away.

"During the assault, she became free, she was able to work herself free, she jumped out of a second-story window," Kaye added.

Unscathed from the jump, she ran for help as Mathis chased her. However, Mathis didn't get far.

"Eastern Division was called, they responded immediately, got her to a safe place, and (took) Mr. Mathis into custody," according to Kaye.

In a blue duffel bag near where Mathis was arrested, police found the Taser, a hatchet and other items they would not disclose when asked by 10News.

Kaye said Mathis is also being linked to another similar attack that happened on Jan. 10. In that incident, another high-end escort was contacted for her services in the Mid-City area and was attacked in a similar way, police said. Police indicated she too was tied up, stunned with a Taser and sexually assaulted.

"Another escort was assaulted by Mr. Mathis and that's what we are investigating, both of the crimes being committed by one person," Kaye said.

SDPD Sex Crimes detectives are currently looking to see if there are other escorts or prostitutes out there that may have been victimized.

Kaye added, "I can't remember another case quite like this."

Mathis is scheduled to appear in front of a judge Feb. 3.

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