Officer expected to make full recovery after surgery at Scripps Mercy Hospital

Officer Tim Bell out of surgery for 3 bullet wound

SAN DIEGO - A police officer is recovering Friday after being wounded during a pursuit with a felony suspect  in the City Heights area.

Moments after Bell was hauled into the emergency room,  other officers -- both uniformed and plain-clothes -- arrived in force to check on him and provide support for his family.

San Diego Interim Mayor Todd Gloria also stopped by.

“I wanted to come by and show respect for someone who puts their life on the line every day," Gloria said. "I'm happy to say he's out of surgery, he's in good spirits. His family is in good spirits, everyone's counting our blessings.”

In the job just a few weeks, Gloria admits to some difficult moments when word of the shooting reached his office.

“I'm new to this role so when I was notified that this incident had happened... my heart sort of sinking, 'Gosh, not another one,'" Gloria said. "And then not too much longer after being told that it looked good -- it's again, an amazing sense of relief.”

An SDPD SUV was taped off in the parking lot for investigators to examine. The vehicle is considered part of the crime scene because it brought Officer Bell to the hospital.  The ambulance dispatched to pick him up was caught in the horrendous traffic jam around the shooting site.

It's not the first time Bell has been hospitalized in the line of duty.  Three years ago, Bell was knocked unconscious when a speeding pickup truck T-boned his squad car in the Mid-city area.

This time Bell underwent surgery for three bullet wounds. 10News learned his wife was allowed to scrub up and go inside the operating room to be with him.

Many fellow officers were also at the hospital.

“Up there right now, a lot of officers lining the hallways, waiting to see and communicate directly with the wounded officer," Gloria told 10News. "We have a special family here and that's on display here at Mercy Hospital tonight."

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