Law enforcement, military battle on ice for charity

Proceeds benefit SDPOA Widows and Orphans Fund

SAN DIEGO - San Diego law enforcement officers and local members of the military strapped on some ice skates and battled it out on the ice Saturday -- all for charity.

It started with honor on the ice. A Wounded Warrior dropped the game puck for a ceremonial faceoff between the two teams – one made up of San Diego law enforcement officers and the other made up of current and former military members – who both protect and serve.

"Knowing the Marines and knowing cops, I think it's going to get a little rough," said  San Diego police Officer Andrew Longen.

The teams are playing for the Warrior Foundation and the San Police Officers Association Widows and Orphans Fund.

"Saving guys in the battlefield, sometimes they don't come back the way they went and we're here to say, 'Hey man, we're right next to you,'" said Navy Petty Officer, Second Class Marvin Floer.

Longen served in the same unit with Jeremy Henwood, the San Diego police officer who three years ago was shot at point-blank range after an act of kindness. Henwood was killed in an unprovoked attack just minutes after buying a cookie for a child at a McDonalds.

"It stays with us … it keeps staying with us and we don't ever forget the families as well as the kids," said Longen.

Ultimately, the law enforcement team won 7-5, but this might be one game where there are no losers.

Organizers believe they raised about $8,000 from the event, which more than surpassed their goal from previous years.

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