Police: Man hit, groped woman in Ocean Beach

Incident occured in 1600 block of Ocean Front St.

SAN DIEGO - A man battered and groped a woman as she was walking in Ocean Beach Wednesday, authorities reported.

The assailant came up behind the victim in the 1600 block of Ocean Front Street shortly before 9 a.m. and hit her on the head, according to San Diego police.

"The man told the woman to be quiet and he wouldn't hurt her, and then he groped her breast," SDPD Officer Dan Lasher said.

Following the assault, the attacker ran off into the neighborhood. Patrol officers searched the area but were unable to find him.

The 25-year-old victim, who was taken to a hospital for an evaluation, described the assailant as a muscular, roughly 5-foot-5-inch white man in plaid shorts and a green-and-white basketball jersey, Lasher said.

In the past six months, residents of Ocean Beach have been on high alert due to a wave of sex crimes reported in the area. As of Oct. 4, 19 sex crimes had been reported.

Female residents told 10News that the wave of incidents, which included violent sex crimes and also peeping tom incidents, have caused them to be more cautious.

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