Police investigating car linked to Girl Scout theft in Escondido

ESCONDIDO, Calif. - Escondido police are investigating a car linked to a weekend theft in which a man allegedly took about $45 from a Girl Scout stand in front of a grocery store.

The incident occurred while members of the Escondido Girl Scout Troop 2034 were selling Girl Scout cookies in an Albertsons parking lot Saturday, parents said.

"He just took the box and in five seconds he was in his car," said Girl Scout Zoey Fullerton.

Troop leader and mom Erin Fullerton ran after the man and managed to get his license plate number on his black Acura and called police.

Using the license plate information, 10News tracked the car to Top 10 Motors, used car dealership in Escondido. A person with the dealership said the Acura TL was sold to a woman on Feb. 15 and the dealer and the woman were still working on financing.

Police now believe the thief is not the Acura's registered owner.

Fullerton said, "It wasn't so much about the money. It was $45 or $50. It was the principle … He stole from the Girl Scouts and the soldiers overseas. How low can you go?"

The donations were for Operation Thin Mint, which goes to buy service members Girl Scout cookies overseas.

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