Police in Iowa say David Lavera posed as 'Twilight' actor, lured girl

SAN DIEGO - Police in Iowa say a San Diego native tried to kidnap an Iowa girl by posing as an actor from the "Twilight" movies.

April Roush said her 14-year-old daughter was lured into a car by David Lavera, a 33-year-old actor, DJ and stuntman.

"My daughter still believes he's a movie star and doesn't understand what all this fuss is about," said Roush.

According to police in Baxter, Iowa, Lavera traveled to the girl's home to pick her up.

ABC affiliate KCRG in Iowa reported that Lavera met the girl on Facebook.

When her mother found out what was going on, she called police and several friends.

"My girlfriend saw them coming off a gravel road pointing back into town, blocked them off, jumped out, stopped the vehicle with her own body, and told my daughter to get out of the car; made her get in her vehicle," said Roush.

Police caught up with Lavera and arrested him, returning the girl safely to her family.

"This individual messed with your head. That's what grown men do to seek out little girls. At 14, I thought my daughter knew better but we have a lot to teach them at 14," said Roush.

Lavera has spent time in Iowa in the past as a DJ for a trance music concert. He's reportedly been to schools in the area to take pictures and sign autographs for children.

Police Chief Steve Wright said, "This isn't somebody that just wants to be friends, and typically, this is the kind of person that meets a profile of somebody that can be a predator and can be dangerous."

Police believe Lavera told the girl he was in the "Twilight" movies, even using the name of an actor in the series -- Kiowa Gordon -- as an alias.

According to Internet Movie Database (IMDB), Lavera has been in several movies, with his biggest role being a non-speaking part in the last "Indiana Jones" film.

Police say the situation in Iowa could have been worse, as officers reported finding two swords and several daggers in Lavera's car.

"I don't think I [ever] would've seen my daughter again. If so, it would've been to bury her," Roush said.

Lavera was charged with enticing a minor, carrying weapons and driving without a valid license.

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