Police find school laptops during traffic stop

SAN DIEGO - San Diego police found three school laptops during a traffic stop overnight Tuesday in City Heights.

Officers discovered the laptops, marked as San Diego Unified School District property, when they pulled over an SUV with a headlight out at about 12:30 a.m. Wednesday at 45th Street and University Avenue. According to San Diego police, a man and woman inside the vehicle were detained for questioning.

The laptops had not immediately been reported stolen, but officers were investigating.

This comes after break-ins at two San Carlos area schools early Tuesday morning, in which thieves’ targeted iPads.

Two juveniles and three adults accused of stealing 37 iPads from Patrick Henry High School were arrested. A window was also smashed at Lewis Middle School, about three miles away. A door was left open and the lock to a cage containing iPads was broken. However, nothing was stolen.

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