Police chief reveals list of proposed gun laws up for discussion after Newtown rampage

Proposals aimed at curbing gun violence

SAN DIEGO - For the first time, we’re learning specifics about proposed federal gun laws following the shooting tragedy in Connecticut.

San Diego Police Department Chief Bill Lansdowne said he is in favor of a ban on assault weapons, and he isn’t alone.

Philadelphia Police Chief Charles Ramsey heads a group of police chiefs in major cities. Ramsey is now locked in to a prominent role on the task force led by Vice President Joe Biden -- directed by President Barack Obama -- to come up with concrete proposals aimed at curbing gun violence.

“Chief Ramsey was among the first to be invited to be in the task force.  We've been in contact,” said Lansdowne.

Lansdowne leads the western region of the police chief association. He signed off on a resolution that will play a key role in discussions.

It calls for:

  • · A ban on assault weapons.
  • · Restrictions on high-capacity magazines.
  • · Closing the loophole that allows sales between private owners without background checks.
  • · Stricter background checks using a more thorough database.

”Having a national system that quickly identifies those people who are suffering from acts of violence and mental health issues,” said Lansdowne.

Lansdowne also believes the task force will need take a hard look at funding for mental health issues, and a system of providers often so overwhelmed -- his officers sometimes have no place to send people for help.

The task force recommendations are due out by the end of January.   

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