Police: Chargers RB Ryan Mathews not arrested in fight outside a Gaslamp nightclub

Fight reported at 5th Avenue, Market Street

SAN DIEGO - San Diego police say the online report that claims Chargers running back Ryan Mathews was involved in a fight outside a nightclub in the Gaslamp District is inaccurate.

"It's a big nothing that somebody put online," said Officer Ed Zwibel, who added that Mathews wasn't arrested, detained or even contacted by police who responded to the incident outside SideBar at the corner of 6th and Market.

The story posted on Examiner.com says David Nieto, who is also known as DJ Wired, saw Mathews and another man being approached by five other males.  All were intoxicated. All went outside, where Mathews allegedly punched a man in the face.

The witness told Examiner.com that a fight broke out and at least one person involved needed to be taken to UCSD Medical Center. 10News confirmed with San Diego Fire-Rescue that an assault victim was taken from the downtown location Sunday.

Police admit there was an assault outside the bar, but claim Mathews had nothing to do with it.

Mathews tweeted: "Home healthy & happy! Don't know how my name got in this, but I'm good!"

Mike Drentea, who wrote the article, later posted an author's note apologizing to those who felt his article was incomplete and defending his work.

"I have never said he was formally charged, only that he was allegedly seen hitting someone and that police has (sic) to give further details," he wrote. "I spoke to my eye-witness and he stand's (sic) by his story that he seen (sic) Mathews inside the club and was in a scuffle and was seen handcuffed with another gentleman."

Drentea, who was contacted by 10News, stressed that he writes to find truth and honesty, and wasn't blowing anything out of proportion in order to get "clicks" on the examiner.com website.

10News reached out to DJ Wired, but he did not return our calls.

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