Police Beach Patrol Debut New Gadgets

Lights, Siren On Bikes Make Police Presence Known

San Diego police who patrol the beaches on bikes are rolling out new tools just in time for Memorial Day weekend.

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The hope is that the new gear will make it easier for officers to patrol the crowds that head to the beach this summer.

A new piercing siren mounted to a police bike is just one of the new tools. The siren can cut through even the largest of crowds.

New red and blue lights have been mounted to the handlebars to make it easy for police to make their presence known.

In 2007, police saw just how quickly a situation can get out of hand. Labor Day crowds quickly turned out of control as party goers fueled by alcohol caused a small riot.

Fifteen people were arrested in Pacific Beach.

Alcohol is now banned at the beach so police do not have the additional worry of drinking on the sand, but they know trouble can start any time there is a crowd.

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