Plane with Central American immigrants expected to land in San Diego on Tuesday

SAN DIEGO - A plane full of immigrants from Central America is expected to land in San Diego Tuesday afternoon. The group will be bussed to Murrieta where they will undergo screenings by Border Patrol agents and then released into the community.

A Border Patrol union representative says the facility in Murrieta cannot accommodate all the immigrants and that agents will be tied up, which will allow criminals to run freely.

"As long as they send the (agents) up there to be processed, there will be no agents patrolling and that's what the agency doesn't want me to say," said Ron Zermeno, a representative from Border Patrol's union.

Zermeno says the holding facility in Murrieta is not equipped to hold a massive group like this.

"Basically, these people are going to be sitting in the cells on benches and eating where someone is going to the bathroom," he said.

President Obama is calling this a "humanitarian crisis" as a result of tens of thousands of Central American children flooding into the United States along the southern border. Another 140 people are expected to arrive in El Centro and another group will be brought to Yuma, Arizona.

Zermeno says they are expecting groups of people every three days. He says after the immigrants are processed, they will be given some money for a bus ticket and must appear in immigration court. At this point, Zermeno is not aware of any unaccompanied children coming to San Diego.

10News asked him how many immigrants would actually show up to court. Zermeno chuckled and said, "I think very few are going to show up in court and from my understanding from sources in the ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) office, their standing orders is not to pursue."

A local immigrant activist group called "Border Angels" told 10News it plans to help the families with food and blankets and whatever the families may need. It will also help them with legal services.

According to Zermeno, each plane carrying 140 passengers will cost taxpayers $70,000 and multiple flights are expected.

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