At least 2 hurt in pit bull attack

SAN DIEGO - Authorities contained a pit bull Monday afternoon after police say it attacked two people and bit its owner.

The incident happened shortly after 1:50 p.m. in the 1700 block of El Cajon Boulevard, San Diego police said.

Sharon Robinson, the dog's owner, said a man approached her in an alley, and when her 4-year-old granddaughter opened the gate to see what was going on, the dog came out.

"He didn't know him so he didn't know if he was reaching in his pocket for something and that's when Fatael lunged at him," Robinson said.

According to animal control officers, the man was bitten multiple times on his arm, leg and stomach. Robinson said she was also bitten when she tried to get her dog off the man.

"I grabbed the dog as hard as I can and he slipped away and I'm yelling for help," said Robinson.

Sergio Avalos, who said the dog was not on a leash prior to the incident, told 10News he heard the commotion and jumped into action.

"He screamed, 'Help, somebody help me!' He screamed out loud and that's why I [needed] to do something," said Avalos, who suffered a hand injury as he tried to fight off the pit bull.

Eric Vazquez, a contractor who was remodeling a home across the street, said he yelled for the victim to come inside the house for safety.

"We just told him, 'Hey, get inside.' We opened the window, he jumped inside; he was dripping blood all over the place," said Vazquez.

The dog was eventually detained in the 4900 block of Harbinson Avenue.

Robinson told 10News her dog has bitten someone before.

Animal control officers did not cite Robinson, but they will review the previous incident and Monday's incident to see if the dog should be returned.

No other injuries were immediately reported.

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